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Out of 12 initial Jyotirlingas this is one. Many of our Indian sages did make dire penance here. That’s why it’s also called Ascetic’s and its location is Nasik district in MAHARASHTRA. It’s regarded as a pilgrimage like many other pious places of India. We can call it as one of the supernatural religious culture’s manifestation. It’s stamped with vitality’s bloom & nature has provided “BEAUTY’S LACE” to it. India has a vital mountain. i.e. Sahyadree.

MAHARASTRA’S 4 Sections are
(a) Tapi purna Valley & Northern Satpuda mountain,
(b) Highland of Eastern Dakkhan,
(c) Mountains line-Sahyadree
(d) Konkan Region.
Its believed that mountain’s line-sahayadree has began from BRAHMAGIRI MOUNTAIN which is taken as Shivlinga’s incarnation.

Five Different faces of LORD SHIVA are (i) Ishan (ii) Tatpurusha (iii) Aghor (iv) Wamdev (v) Sadyojat are nothing but the same mountains.

From here one can locate river (1) Ramganga (2) Banganga (3) Ahilya (4) Vaitarna (5) Godavari – Source point Gangadwar is just nothing but Brahmagiri’s Northern part. At Audoomber tree’s root which is on Brahmagiri mountain there one can see Godavari’s appearance. Brahmagiri mountain has NILPARVAT on its left. MAHARASHTRA’S Very great saint’s {maharaj} Shri Nivrutti Nath’s eternal occupation is there. And also of his elder brother. And Preceptor {Guruji} of maharaj Dyaneshwar’s also. Brahmagiri Mountain’s bottom has Nivrutti Nath’s mausoleum’s place.




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At the Antiquity’s time various Gods, Indra’s king & Maharshi Narad-all had visited this pious place. This is the place when God parshuram made ascetic. His temple does exist here; great Gajanan Maharaj of shegaon & God Ra Dev Dattatreya had achieved his attainment at this pious place. A few years ago, structure of Swami Samarth Kendra was made here by Annasaheb.

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