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Since ancient times rituals are being performed in this pious place by highly regarded Guruji “Akolkar”.

All the vidhies are being performed here by mamasaheb Akolkar since last 45 years. Kashi is a very well known place from where “LOKESH AKOLKAR” learnt & completed his Vedic education. Astrology’s guide is Dhananjay Akolkar. Veda’s study’s master is Vinay Akolkar. Narayan Nagbali’s ,Tripindi Shradh’s ,Kalsarp Shanti’s rituals’ expert is preceptor {Guruji} Akolkar. Well known personality’s rituals are being performed by preceptor {guruji} Akolkar. These gurus have their name & fame here in these customs. The most unhappy & failure people do contact these Gurus /Preceptors to solve their life’s complications & to obtain well-being for their members of family.




Narayan Nagbali Pooja (Three Days)

February 2020

  • 18 Tuesday

  • 21 Friday

  • 28 Friday

March 2020

  • 02 Monday

  • 06 Friday

  • 11 Wednesday

  • 16 Monday

  • 20 Friday


Kalsarp Shanti, Tripindi Shraddha Pooja (One Day)

Februrary 2020

  • 19 Wednesday

  • 23 Sunday