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It comprises of 2 distinct customs. Pitru dosh/shaap is being disposed of by Narayan bali (pitra dosh nivaran pooja). Transgression performed by snake’s slaughter. Uniquely cobra that is venerated in India is being disposed of by Nagbali. Unsatisfied craving of familial spirits are well stuck in their descendants in the worst position & nos. By Narayan Bali custom we are satisfying them. It also comprises of an indistinguishable Hindu custom. In Narayan Bali use of a simulated body for the most part which is made from flour of wheat is being utilized. Spirits that are having sure wishes & that are staying connected are summoned by utilizing mantras. Our Indian custom makes them to have body & then burial services liberate them to the other world.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja is to dispose of transgression of executing Cobra. 1st wheat mixture is shaped into the group of snakes & then additional burial service is performed. {Here in this Nagbali custom }

This pious place is one where fundamental ceremonies of Narayan Nagbali are performed. Dharma Sindhu a very sacred scripture depicts that various religious ceremonies must be done here at this pious place only. Not only in Padma Puran but also in Skandh puran these references are also found. This custom reprieves the performer from various issues like

(a) Numerous relatives’ health issue,
(b) unwanted expenses
(c) accidental death
(d) Problems of marriage
(e) blocks in education
(f) many family medical issues
(g) money’s wastage
(h) failure in business/earning
(i) bad habits
(j) ghost/bhoot pishach and sorts of shaaps/curses.




After having performed this custom all the wishes of the performer are fulfilled. He/she would get accomplishment in business. He/she would have a great well being. He/she has to see the muhurt [i.e. specific day/time] for 3days custom’s performance. On the very prime day the performer is ought to scrub down in “KUSHAUARTA.” Then makes plan to give ten things in philanthropy. In the wake offering supplications at this pious place’s sanctuary. For performing this custom the performer goes at Ahilya’s and Godavari’s waterways conjuction where there’s [Dharmashala=] hospice.

On uncommon dates this custom is performed for 3 days [the very reason is that a few days are unreasonable for this custom] this custom is performed for various reasons. A few persons experience terrible circumstances. A few persons experience from various diseases. A family member might have murdered cobra. A few persons perform this pooja to have everything-

  • This pooja is for 3 days.
  • The performer must come a day prior to MUHURTA. Before 6 a.m.
  • The holy gift/Dakshina includes food for 2 persons and all pooja articles/samugri.
  • The performer must carry following things with him/her (i) a napkin for each.(ii)a small red towel so called gamcha.(iii)white dhoti [of garments] (iv)sarees [excluding green hues/green color]
  • 1no.snake’s symbol made up of gold-wt.1.25gms, 8 no. snake’s symbol made up of silvers.
  • 4 days in advance the reservation has to be done.
  • All contact no.s with name must be given by the performer who wants to perform these ceremonies.
  • Reservation can be done through communication.
  • Those performer who are very keen in finishing this pooja must book at least 5 days before / ahead of time.

Tree pendee shraddh [ Tripindi shraddh ] and kalsarpa shantee puja:-

Q: Why at all such Shraddh is must?

A:Its must [because] for many reasons the common man is unable to perform this shraddh and if it is for 3 or more than 3 yrs .These shraddh karm is missing then our respective ancestors become angry and they are called DOSHAS. Now for the DOSHAS’ prevention this Treependee shraddh is must/essential.

Q: Why is it performed?

A: This shraddh is performed for (a) Removing dosha of ‘gauhatya [cow’s killing in our Hindu’s culture] “cow” is considered as “gaumata”- a holy animal [God] (b) Nirvana/moksha of our ancestor (c) Buri/Dushta nazar [evil eye] (d) Solving problems of getting [child/chidren=] issue[s]

In this 3 lords, specially (a) Rudra (b) Vishnu and (c) Bramhma are faithfully worshiped. If we see them individually (i) Rudra is representative of “hot tempered”(ii) Vishnu is representative of “Regal” and (iii) Bramha is representative of “virtues”.

(a) Jav Pinda [Barley Lump] is offered to God Bramha, this is done to relieve from afflication of virtuous (b) Chaval pinda [rice lump] is offered to God Vishnu to relieve from afflication of Regal. (c) Til-pinda [Sesame Lump ] is offered to God Rudra to relieve from afflication of hot tempered.

Q: What’s yoga of Karsarpa?

A: When Ketu planet & Rahu planet are separated by all (other) planets. The result is only disappointments. We can know it when all our good efforts don’t result in good. VAIDIK STRATEGY is used to do this vidhi when extremely compels albeit very very straightforward. Either at your place or at our place this kalsarpa shanti, an exceptional puja can be held for which our guidance is always open. When in Ketu & Rahu all other planets are arranged then only this “YOGA OF KALSARPA” occurs.

When moon’s south hub & moon’s North hub which means the point when each one of the planets are arranged between Ketu & Rahu this Yoga of KALSARP comes in shape. When half of the outline is abandoned via planets it’s called “Finish Yoga of Kalsarpa” .Any one of our’s life may become hopeless just because of Yoga of Kalsarpa-that’s why this is also called as “Yoga of FEAR” Any one under this yoga’s burden would drive agony’s existence & setback.

The individual may be rich/poor; lower/higher; leader/follower; God/demon but even than his/her horoscope may be seen with Yoga of Kalsarp. In reality they may be sorts of luxuries, but such individuals always feel the bad effect of this yoga as i) Unstable life ii) Some sort of dread & iii) a good range of strain.

Other MALEFICE yoga is much more unsafe than this “Yoga”. It doesn’t impact on human after 55age & for the longer duration of his/her life. This relies on the situation of “Yoga of KALSARPA”
Following are the types of this yoga in details as under.

  • Yoga of Sheshnag Kalsarpa.
  • Yoga of Vishaka Kalsarpa.
  • Yoga of qhatak Kalsarpa.
  • Yoga of Shankhapal Kalsarpa.
  • Yoga of Vasuki Kalsarpa.
  • Yoga of Kulik Kalsarpa
  • Yoga of Ananta Kalsarpa

Narayan Nagbali Pooja (Three Days)

August 2021

03 Tuesday

07 Saturday         

13 Friday

17 Tuesday

21 Saturday

27 Friday

31 Tuesday

September 2021

04 Saturday

07 Tuesday

14 Tuesday

17 Friday

Pitru Paksha

22 Wednesday

25 Saturday

28 Tuesday

October 2021

01 Friday

04 Monday

14 Thursday

21 Thursday

24 Sunday

28 Thursday


Kalsarp Shanti, Tripindi Shraddha Pooja (One Day)

Augest 2021

01 Sunday

02 Monday

05 Thursday

08 Sunday

09 Monday

15 Sunday

19 Thursday

22 Sunday

23 Monday

29 Sunday

September 2021

02 Thursday

05 Sunday

06 Monday

09 Thursday

12 Sunday

16 Thursday

19 Sunday

24 Friday

27 Monday

30 Thursday

October 2021

03 Sunday

06 Wednesday

16 Saturday

17 Sunday

23 Saturday

24 Sunday

26 Tuesday

30 Saturday      

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