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Marriages ; Vastushanti & Upanayaha preceed with this ritual …so called as “Udak Shanti”. Its performance is to create harmony & peace. At 1st the Riddhi-Siddhi God Ganesha is well-worshipped. Later on a holy-pot is filled with pure/holy water. Then a performer invites goddesses & lords of rain i.e.God Varun in this holy-pot. Yajur veda is chanted by 5 different-expert priests {Brahmins} Minimum 3hrs. time is taken to complete this Puja.


With very powerfull brahmins panchamrut puja is humbly offered to God Trimbakeshwar for fulfillment of the wishes of the performer Desire’s fulfillment & prosperity are bestowed by performing this Abhishek. It results into complete happiness by removing entire negativity & the negative karmas
(i) Sugar   (ii) Honey
(iii) Ghee   (iv) Curd  (v) Milk
are the contents of this Panchamrut Puja. This is very easily performed by native Brahmins of God Trimbakeshwar temple. While performing this Abhishek verses of sholakas in Sanskrit are being chanted, at the very same time sugar cane juice, sugar, curd, milk, honey with holy water & holy leaves are offered in this Abhishek. These verses are written in one of the ancient Indian language which is a language of lords’ for their communication the listeners mind is healed when this chant’s vibrations touches his/her mind.


It is a protector spirit & God of the house. The performer worships VASTUA PURUSHA by this religious & spiritual process:
Following are the main objectives of this puja:-

  1. The occupant soul; cites prosperity wealth health & Gods blessings.
  2. The occupant is protected from natural calamities by requesting vastu purush.
  3. Future occupant’s happiness may not be disturbed when this puja is performed.
  4. If nature is harmed by performer indirectly or directly.
  5. If there’s any vastu dosha in the arrangement of structure or land. They it is removed by this puja.


Significance of this Puja :- This yadnya is practically unique. Its just sacrificial rite which involves powerful mantras of “Saptasati”. This puja is performed to make wishes to come true of the performer. A Priest /pandit tells this yadnya puja vidhi in detail /. Maximum life’s sufferings are removed after performing this yadnya. It also eliminates the worst planetary effects & also foes {enemies} when a performer finishes this yadnya he/she is specially blessed by Devi so called as Navdurga & Riddhi siddhi lord Ganesha & his father God Shiva, This power is named in a various way s/patterns for eg.
(a) Vishnupriya
(c) Navdurga-mataji.




Narayan Nagbali Pooja (Three Days)

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Kalsarp Shanti, Tripindi Shraddha Pooja (One Day)

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